Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CBS Registration for Continuing Students

All CBS students who anticipate continuing with their studies in the Fall of 2017 must submit a registration form this week. If you are unable to register at this time, you need to email BJ by Monday to let her know your intention to continue. Email:

Registration materials can be downloaded online at

If you've already registered, thank you! Have a relaxing and refreshing summer, enjoy your summer reading (, and I'll see you at your Opening Scripture Day (OSD) on August 26! For OSD details check the online calendar at

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Leslie Roncari Marconi, CBS Class of 2015

"Do no harm ever to the earth, to the air, to the water, to the soil" says Leslie Marconi on  Talk of Connecticut, the Dan and Brad Show yesterday.

Leslie is a woman of deep faith and a parishioner of the (newly renamed) Catholic community in Windsor Locks: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She owns DiRonco Lawn and Garden Care, and has made it her mission "to always treat out soils, air and waterways with reverence and nurturing care."

Listen to the podcast about creating an ecosystem in your lawn, and learn how to give true worship to God (my words) by caring for Creation Then check out Laudato Si, for the connection between care of the earth, care of neighbor, and the love of God for all of us.

A "shout out" to Leslie's classmates, Barbara Kaminsky and Beth Polio, for alerting us to Leslie's wonderful, unique "lawn and garden" ministry!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Assignments!

Year 2
Summer is a time for fun in the sun and catching up on your reading--or both at once! Okay, so I'm a book nerd (and proud of it).

This year's summer reading assignments for CBS students are paperback classics that easily go with you on day trips and on vacation. When you're finished, six reflective questions will help deepen your understanding. (Answers are, of course, due at Opening Scripture Days.)

Here's where you can find the details online: CBS Summer Assignments.

Advanced Years
Year 1

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Best of Barron

6th Week of Easter, Year I
John 16:12-15

Bishop Barron writes:
"Friends, the theme of today’s Gospel declares that when the Spirit comes, he will guide us into all truth. There is a story I’ve heard about Jean-Luc Marion.... A student asked a pointed question about God. Marion looked at her and said, 'Go to Sunday Mass for a year and then return and ask me that question again.'
"Marion’s response was not just a clever one-liner. If true knowledge of God depends upon immersion in the Holy Spirit, then that knowledge is a function of an entire form of life.
"[Understanding] the divine mystery flows from life in the Holy Spirit. And so today we pray, 'Come, Holy Spirit, come!'"
For Bishop Barron's reflection in its entirety, click here: