Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Living the Word through Service

Jennifer O'Neill on a medical mission in Haiti
Many of us in the CBS community are involved in serving communities locally and abroad. Even current students, whose biblical studies can be all-engaging, are finding time to be "doers of the Word" in a small way together.

Each of Amy Ekeh's Year Two classes, for example, took on simple Lenten service projects. Manchester class is providing cleaning supplies for families transitioning from homelessness to housing. North Haven is providing food items for a Milford middle school that provides food for kids who arrive at school hungry. Those who are free and want to are also meeting at the related food pantry in Milford on a Saturday morning in April to help out.

And two students studying in Manchester, Phyllis Blauvelt and Jennifer O'Neill, spent the week before Holy Week in Haiti doing Christian outreach.

Phyllis Blauvelt on a medical mission in Haiti

Monday, April 17, 2017

Remythologizing the Myths: Genesis 1-3

Chapter Three

Moving Out the end.
Inspired by Genesis 3

"Choose love," Wisdom counseled our first parents.

"Here is the home you have chosen. Go and explore. It will be hard here, hard on that cold mountain. But this home is the choice of your stubborn, beloved hearts.

"Yes, God is here and will always be near to welcome you. God's love is unending and persists in spite of sin. His compassion is perhaps even greater now that you yourselves are weaker. 

"But with your eyes now clouded by sin you can no longer see God as bright and clear as in glory once you saw him. Stick together now, children, now more than ever. It is the desire of God that what one of you manages to discover can be shared. So both may become wiser.

"Put on these warm clothes, stitched together by your own Ama God. You will need them in your chosen home.

"When you look for me," continued the Wisdom Woman, "and discern the Presence by the love that seeks you out, in those moments you will know that God remains with you always."

The girl and the boy; the woman and the man; the parents of our world; the frail grandparents: they lived together as one flesh on that mountain for many years. They knew both love and fear, joy and sorrow, glory and sin, health and sickness. In short, they knew life as all now know it. And, finally, they knew death.

With death came the long waiting.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Remythologizing the Myths: Genesis

Chapter Three
Moving Out continued
Inspired by Genesis 3

We see indistinctly, as in a mirror." (1 Cor 13:12)

Then, Adam and Eve had comfort to mingle with their fears. They knew God's spirit must be near, for they now realized that the comfort feeling only came in the Presence of God.
St. Bonaventure Monastery, Detroit, MI

"But joy is not lost forever!" Wisdom proclaimed. "Ama God will always be with you. 
"Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning. (Ps 30:6)
"Yes, you will find much suffering and pain. Toil in your work (toil?), pain in childbirth (childbirth?). You will learn of great new things, as you wished, but with knowledge will now come the struggle to know. With joy will come frustration in labor. Tears will follow laughter as laughter will follow tears.

"It will not be easy, for it is not ease that comes with sin. Your God weeps with you for your choice. Even so, Ama God rejoices in a new future which will come about in God's slow, loving, purposeful way." But the sadness in Lady Wisdom's face cast a shadow on her bright hope.

"Where there is love (remember, God is love), there must be freedom to choose love. Choose love always, my children," were her hushed words to our first parents.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Remythologizing the Myths: Genesis

Chapter Three
Moving Out continued
Inspired by Genesis 3

Adam and Eve knew fear.
Upper Room, Bloor
Lansdowne Christian Fellowship

"Evil, sin, pain and fear cloud your vision now," continued the Lady. You hoped to see more clearly when you sought the mountain. Instead your sight became darkened, because the light with which you see comes from love. And you chose to walk away from the love you knew waited for you at God's table.

"You sought what was good. (Yes, knowledge and wisdom are good, as you knew when you sought them). But you closed your eyes to the source of knowledge and wisdom. You turned away from the table of love. There God gave you wisdom and knowledge--but with a slow, loving purpose. So instead of finding the clarity you desired, your eyes are now dimmed and confused. We see indistinctly, as in a mirror, you know."* (Mirror?)

*1 Cor 13:12