Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Biblical Fiction #4: The Complicated Psyche of King David

In my opinion King David is one of the most complex characters in all of the Bible. What were his relationships to Saul, Jonathan and Michal all about? How did his betrayal of Uriah come about? How did Nathan come to be David's prophet, and are there really missing books written by Nathan? (See 1 Chr 29 and 2 Chr 9 for biblical references.)

Geraldine Brooks is a prolific writer of historical fiction. In the book The Secret Chord she gives us an imaginative, historically possible, insight into her vision of the stories of King David.

Again, this is not scriptural material, so don't take it too seriously! These books are great for fun, summer reading, but they can not replace a reading of the inspired Word of God!

The publisher has this bestseller in stock at Or get it at your favorite library or bookstore.

Information Fair 2016

Spread the word! The Caritas Christi Center in Hamden* will host an Information Fair on Tuesday, August 23, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Walk-ins welcome, or register by emailing us at

You will have the opportunity to enroll at this event, so bring your checkbook if you think you might want to make your tuition deposit at this time.

Caritas Christi is located at 295 Benham St., Hamden, CT. For directions click here:

Pray for One Another at All Times!

We don't always know when someone in our community needs our prayers, but we pray daily for the students, alums, faculty and administration of the Biblical School (all the way up to the top, Archbishop Blair himself).

When we do hear from someone (or their spouse, in this case) that someone is in need of healing, we try to pass the word along.

Recently, Paula deSilva, Class of 2013, fell and fractured her femur. She had surgery to insert a titanium rod at St. Francis Hospital and then completed a lengthy rehab at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is finally going home and will face follow-up rehab in future months.

Thank you, Hema, for letting us know about Paula.

In the meantime, everyone--keep praying for one another!